Sunday, July 12, 2009

Gay For Pay

i have had "gay for pay sex" myself with 2-3 guys but i was offered LOTS of money and the only thing they wanted was to practice oral sex on me ...i never actually fucked a man's arse and i ll never do it even if someone offers me many thousand euros or dollars...cause i'm STR8 unlike that guy on the video who seems to like the way i always watch a str8 porn dvd as long as the other guy does what he wants on my dick..... : )i think you one has to be aroused to "receive" the gift otherwise IT will hurt!!! that´s from experience!ROTFL gay for pay DA F#&% its your gay or not so there gay and are scared to come out of the closet !!!!!! stop playing with the back of your head.... this is so funny !!!!!!Eh, I don't see so much wrong with pornography itself as I do with the potential spread of Sexually Transmitted Illnesses associated with it. Also: Despite the fact that science can explain any emotion you feel with brain stimulating chemicals and whatnot, I still feel like there's something more going on when... IT happens >.>

Now, this the guy on this video takes the biggest things up there and he wants to say he is straight. I'm sorry, but when somebody don't need to push to take a shit that is not straight at all. Paid or not. A true straight man would be so disgusted just by the thought of him doing anything with another guy that he would probably vomit. A straight guy would not take body fluids from another guy like this one does. Al The bisexual word should have a new definition. It should be your name. But for now it should be yanmon. The word "Bisexual" is wrong as it is anyways. Bi means Two. And sexual means.... let me guess... "sexual" So the meaning is wrong cause a "Two Sexual" like if there was the only two sexes there was. There is people with no gender whats so ever and others that have "part" of the male and "part" of the female. So what are those Trisexuals? and the once without? nonesexuals? lol! yanmon (13 hours ago) Show Hide 0 Marked as spam Reply There! u proved my point!!! you have to like one more sex than the other!!!!! That means there's no such thing as bi!! hell im gay but i knnow i would still fuk a girl if i thought she was reaaally hot!... there's no such thing as bi! you have to like one more sex than the other! and if that's what bi means then the word bi should have a different definition CaptainPhenomenal (14 hours ago) Show Hide 0 Marked as spam Reply The fact is that nowadays poeples (men's in particular )have sex for pleasure and the truth is it does not matter poeples even if they are in love will have sex for what they can get from it(money,pleasure,acceptation, love) Dunkelheit420 (16 hours ago) Show Hide 0 Marked as spam Reply The real questions you have to think about here is: Aren't your body and soul worth more than just money? Shouldn't the act of lovemaking be reserved only for someone special that you truly love with all your heart? Maybe I am just old-fashioned, but I just feel that sex is sacred and this very beautiful, passionate experience should not be cheapened by introducing money and the porn industry into the equation..... l this show was nothing but a publicity stunt.



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